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People watching the fluctuating market wonder about the best way to protect their investments and how they can be sure their money is there when they need it. More and more investors are becoming interested in the possibilities offered by gold-based IRA accounts but do not know where or how to start. A quick Google search will list many companies that sell gold — bullion as well as coins. Research has shown that IRAs that use gold as a base have a history of outperforming an IRA based on investments in the stock market or real estate.

Often investors are concerned about incurring a penalty if they wish to move their funds, but no penalty is involved when simply transferring funds from one IRA to another. Most of the highest rated companies offer the opportunity to roll a current IRA over into one invested in precious metals. However, the policies of the various companies concerning set up fees and the cost of storage does vary widely, and potential clients need to be aware and ask the appropriate questions.

Company Rankings

With so many companies offering virtually the same service, the investor is sure to wonder how to choose amongst them. Numerous articles are available online that list the top companies in the field and discuss the ratings of each according to the Better Business Bureau, the Business Consumer Alliance and Trust Link. After studying the articles and choosing a few companies that sound best, investors can double check the writers’ opinions by going to the three trusted organizations and verifying how each one rates a particular company. An investor’s reaction to customer reviews will vary from one person to another, so studying the qualities on which each rating is based will help each decide which company sounds right for that individual.

Among the top-rated gold-selling companies is Rosland Capital of Santa Monica, California, which offers bars in gold, silver and platinum as well as coins from all over the world. It had an A rating with the BBB and a Triple A rating with the BCA. TrustLine gives it a three-star rating and provides a number of customer reviews for that valuable inside look at how the company operates.

Offering Gold IRAs

Behind a Rosland Capital gold IRA is the expertise of Jeffrey Nichols, managing director of the American Precious Metals Advisors who is also Rosland’s senior economic adviser. Nichols has been a leading economist in the field for more than 25 years. He is the type adviser most investors want to speak with when building a portfolio for their future.

Each person hopes his investments will see him into his golden years. Recent articles have quoted Nichols about his beliefs that gold is the vehicle to accomplish that. Nichols has expressed his view that the demand for gold that is coming from China and India is a positive indicator that its value will continue to rise. That means that purchases for a Rosland gold IRA will offer its owner security for many years to come.

Rosland and other top gold-selling companies are likely to make an investor’s short list of possible companies to contact. At that time, they can discuss fees and the safety of the storage facility used by each one. Storage of the gold purchased must be in an IRS approved facility because an IRA requires that people not have control of their assets until they reach the age of 59.5.

All IRAs operate under the same laws, but just one includes tangible assets that are not just numbers on a ledger sheet.

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